Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies

JIS is a new, but a distinctive and unique journal in the field. It is the first and the only refereed scholarly journal that is dedicated to the academic study of Islamicjerusalem. The journal has opened up a new area of specialisation with original articles addressing Islamicjerusalem from a wide range of subjects in this area. Addressing a gap in the published periodical literature. JIS especially seeks to encourage research into specific historical, theological, empirical theoretical, conceptual or cultural themes and topics. As such, this new journal will be essential reading for all those who are in the study of Islam and Muslims. The aim is to become an international platform for the discussion of studies and issues relating to Islamicjerusalem. JIS aims to provide a forum for scholars working on the subject and all those who wish to enhance their appreciation of any aspect of Islamicjerusalem, including Islamic studies, History and Archaeology, Art and Architecture, Literature’s and linguistics, Geography and Geology, Environment and Politics, and other disciplines. JIS hopes to bring together notable scholars to promote a dialogue and open debates that will shed light on new lines of interpretation. To promote better understanding of the region, the journal will also include scholarly contributions studying relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, past and present, in Islamicjerusalem.

This is a list of journals published during the past years: