Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies: Vol. 16.1

1 The Writings on the Virtues/ Fadail of Islamicjerusalem and its role in the Educational Movement and Countering the Crusades. by: Mohamed Ali BİOUD , Language: ِArabic
2 Towards the Creation of a Societal Knowledge on the Issue of Islamicjerusalem by: Wael Abdelhamid AL-MABHOUH , Nael AL-DAHASHAN , Language: ِArabic
3 Salah al-Din's Treaty with the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Year 581/1185 by: Ziya POLAT , Language: Turkish
4 The Inclusivity of Islamicjerusalem and its Model for Multiculturalism by: Khalid El-Awaisi , Language: English