Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies: Vol. 17.1

1 Attempts of Jewish immigration to Palestine during the time of Abdulhamid II and Oliphant’s request for a Zionist Colony by: Ziya POLAT , Language: Turkish
2 Educational Instutions and Their Activities in Islamicjerusalem During Ottoman Period by: Feyza Betül KÖSE , Language: Turkish
3 Management and Staff Employment Policies of the Awqaf at the Magharibah Neighborhood in Islamicjeruslaem During the 18th Century by: Şerife Eroğlu Memiş , Language: Turkish
4 The Charitable Foundation in the Ottoman Period: Al-Imara al-Amira in Islamicjerusalem and its impact on Social life by: Abeer Qatanani , Language: ِArabic