Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies: Vol. 19.3

1 The Activities of Kaiserswerth Deaconesses in Jerusalem and Talitha Kumi School by: Muttalip ŞİMŞEK , Language: Turkish
2 An Analysis of Palestinian-Jewish encounters in 19th century Palestine: the historical sociology of the transformation from “neighbour” to “belligerent rival” by: Tuğçe ERSOY , Language: Turkish
3 Preventing Zionists from settling in Palestine in the second half of the nineteenth century by: Mohammed A.m YASİN , Language: Turkish
4 An assessment of the epidemic diseases and measures taken in Palestine according to archival documents by: Sibel CEYLAN YİĞİT , Language: Turkish
5 The Issue of Mürûr Tezkiresi (trip permit) for Russian Pilgrims coming to Jerusalem by: Asuman GÖLPINAR , Language: Turkish
6 An Overview of Smuggling Activities in Ottoman Jerusalem (1886-1914) by: Özge Togral , Language: Turkish
7 Financial Sources of Al-Aqsa Mosque 1516-1918 by: Ameen ABUBAKEER , Language: ِArabic
8 The role of the Ottoman Empire in the reconstruction of the city of Bayt al-Maqdis and the development of its structures and facilities by: Zariouh ZINELABIDINE , Language: ِArabic
9 The Role of Waqf in the spread and prosperity of the Al-Zawaya in Jerusalem during the Ottoman period by: Ahmed HUSSİEN ABİD , Language: ِArabic
10 Religious minorities in Jerusalem and their role in the balance of conflict between the Ottoman Empire and European states: A Study through Ottoman Archival Documents (1517-1916) by: Metin ŞERİFOĞLU , Language: ِArabic
11 Ottoman Monuments of Bayt al-Maqdis: A Study of Creswell's archival photographic collection from 1919 to 1920 by: Amel MAHFOUZ , Language: ِArabic