Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies: Vol. 21.1

1 The Attempts of the Shi'i Fatimids to take back Bayt al-Maqdis from the Crusaders by: Sebahattin ÇELİK , Language: Turkish
2 The Loss of Bayt al-Maqdis the Failure of the Muslims? Or the Success of the Crusades? by: İbrahim GÜNEŞ , Language: Turkish
3 The Struggles against Crusaders during the Era of the Artuqids and Salah al-Din from a Comparative Historical Perspective by: Büşra Betül SAĞLAM , Language: Turkish
4 The Rising of Madrasas and a Seven Centuries-Old Educational Institution from Jerusalem: Madrasah Salahiyah by: Hasan ÇETİNEL , Language: Turkish
5 The "Save Jerusalem" Discourse of the Third Crusade and the Perception shaped around it by: Ayşe ÇEKİÇ , Language: Turkish
6 The Surrender of Bayt al-Maqdis to Salah al-Din through Sulh (treaty) or ‘Unwah (by force) and its implications by: Khalid EL-AWAİSİ , Language: ِArabic
7 Volunteer Warriors and their Contributions to the Wars of Salah al-Din by: Qasim AL-SHALASH , Language: ِArabic
8 The Zionist movement and Palestine in Arab Media between 1897 and 1914: A Historical and Analytical Case study of Al Manar Magazine by: Nidal AL-MOMANİ , Language: ِArabic
9 Al-Quds Cafés and their National Role from the end of the Ottoman Era until the Israeli Occupation by: İbrahim ALZAEEM , Language: ِArabic