18th International Academic ‪Conference on ‪‎Islamicjerusalem‬ Studies.‎


ISTANBUL – TURKEY                                                                              SEPTEMBER 2018


A century has passed since Western colonialists occupied the land of Islamicjerusalem. During this time occupation forces have exerted all their power in order enforce their control over the land and its inhabitants through numerous schemes. Apart from measures in the political arena, intended to create a purely colonialist Zionist identity, one of the most alarming initiatives on their agenda, is the attempt to change the identity of the Holy Land and isolate it from its intrinsic history. To achieve this goal, strategies have been implemented, which are aimed at obliterating all elements that might refer to its past, reconstructing a new narrative and erasing its memory. One of the targets of this strategy, is Muslim and Christian Awqaf or foundations, as they reveal the true identity of the Holy Land, which has accumulated over many centuries of its history. To combat this strategy, the protection of these endowments (Waqf) is a responsibility of Muslims and humanity as a whole.

Accordingly, the 18th International Academic Conference on Islamicjerusalem Studies will be organised in collaboration with a number of national and international institutions under the theme of the Endowment of Islamicjerusalem (including Jerusalem and Palestine), in the past, present and future. The conference will take place in Turkey, in September 2018, and will be conducted in three languages; Turkish, Arabic and English. We are inviting proposals for papers addressing one of the following themes, from different perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches. We are looking forward to your valuable contributions on the subject.



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