20th International Academic ‪Conference on ‪‎Islamicjerusalem‬ Studies.‎



The spirit of Bayt al-Maqdis and the continuity of this spirit have a characteristic that transcends the periodic approaches of modern history. Yet efforts to research, understand, make sense and define Bayt al-Maqdis require special examinations of particular periods. Undoubtedly, the division of the history of Islamicjerusalem into periods can pave the way for in-depth research, provided that the periods are consistent within an overall view of the movement of history. The International Academic Conference on Islamicjerusalem, which we will organise for the 20th time, will have the theme of “Islamicjerusalem from Artuk Bey to Salah al-Din”. The question of whether the period extending from Artuk Bey to Salah al-Din has a consistency that will form an integrity in the context of Bayt al-Maqdis is a matter to be discussed. However, it should be noted that the fact that the International Academic Conference will be held in a city associated with the Artuqids like Mardin was a factor in determining the theme. In addition to the visit of Salah al-Din to Mardin and its surroundings as part of his plan for the liberation of Bayt al-Maqdis which was the central point of Salah al-Din’s Life. For more info –>pdficon-150x150

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