17th International Academic ‪Conference on ‪‎Islamicjerusalem‬ Studies.‎


ISTANBUL – TURKEY                                                                              DECEMBER 2017


The year 2017 marks the centennial anniversary of the end of Ottoman rule and the start of western colonialist occupation over Islamicjerusalem (8 December 1917) as well as the decision to release the Balfour Declaration by the British War Cabinet (31 October 1917). It also marks fifty Years of Zionist Military Occupation over Al-Aqsa Mosque and the whole of the Holy Land in June 1967. To commemorate these occasions, the 17th International Academic Islamicjerusalem conference will be held on the eve of anniversary of the entry of General Allenby’s entry to the Holy City and the British occupation of the whole of Palestine. The theme of the conference will be on western colonialist powers and especially Britain’s vision of a state in Palestine to serve as a ‘buffer state’ for Western nations in the “Middle East”. This notion of a “Jewish State” acting on behalf of western powers was an established desire amongst imperial powers as well as later being a means for promoting the Zionist cause from within the Zionist movement. This initial idea goes as far back as 1840, preceding the official birth of Zionism by more than half a century. This international conference will be organised in collaboration with a number of international institutions. The conference will take place in Istanbul, and will be conducted in three languages; Turkish, Arabic and English. We are inviting proposals for papers addressing one of the following themes, from different perspectives such as historical, political, intellectual, social, economic as well as future prospect:

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THEMES: ———(MORE)———-

  • The meeting of British Imperialist Interests and Zionist aspirations.
  • British policies and conflicting promises to Arabs and Zionists.
  • Imperialism, Zionism and the Ottoman State.
  • Jewish Immigration in the late Ottoman period.
  • Nationalism and start of the Nakbah (political, military and knowledge crises)
  • Orientalist approaches during the Ottoman period.
  • Palestine Exploration Fund and western archaeological excavations.
  • Census and demographic transformation in the District of Jerusalem/Palestine.
  • Sykes-Picot, Balfour Declaration and Hussein-McMahon Correspondence.
  • Zionist and Arab nationalist aspirations.
  • British occupation and the end of ottoman rule.
  • Consolidation of the “Buffer State” under the British Mandate: 1917-1947.
  • Arab response towards British Colonisation and Zionist aspirations.
  • The challenges to establish the “Buffer State” in the Muslim East.
  • The local, Arab and Muslims responds to the establishment of the “Buffer State”.
  • The Islamists and the “Buffer State”.
  • The “Buffer State” and the establishment of the Arab national states.
  • The first wave of Arab Awakening “Arab Spring” and the “Buffer state”.
  • Prospects on the future of the “Buffer State”.


Abstract submission deadline 1 July 2017

Notification of abstract acceptance 20 July 2017

Full paper due for review 15 September 2017

Notification of paper acceptance 15 October 2017

Conference December 2017

Final paper due for printing 1 January 2018


Participants who wish to present papers at the conference should submit 200- 300 words abstract along with a short biography (including: full contact details: name, professional title, occupation, postal and electronic addresses, and telephone number). They should be addressed to the conference chair Prof. Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi, and be sent to sempozyum@isravakfi.org by 1 July 2017. All papers accepted to be presented at the Conference must reach the Academy by 15 October 2017 at the latest.



For any inquiries, please e-mail the chair of the conference; sempozyum@isravakfi.org

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