Water Wells

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According to aqsapedia.net, there are 32 water sources inside Al Aqsa Compound. This consists of two pools, two cisterns, eight Sabeel’s *1 which are a public water source for providing water for the people for free and twenty wells.

Water well within Al Aqsa Compund

Originally, the wells were dug out and built by Muslims to provide running water for worshippers visiting Al Aqsa Mosque to perform ablution and to drink. The gardeners would also use the water to irrigate the plants and trees inside the compound.

According to Ehab Jallad, a local tour guide in Jerusalem, the wells today are used as a reserve. They are not actively used for ablutions or for the Sabeel’s. They are used in emergency in case there is a water cut in the Municipality Public Water System. The wells are located naturally underground on the 4th level of Al Aqsa. There opening on the 2nd level.

According to Dr Khalid El Awaisi that due to ongoing Israeli excavations, the water levels are found to become lower in the wells, the Guards of Al Aqsa check the water regularly and fill if necessary. Ehab Jallad, also confirms that the water is filled in the wells.

1*Sabeel is a continuous source of water established in the Cause of ALLAH for reward 2*There are 4 levels in Al Aqsa compound,

Level 1 is the level entering the Dome of the Rock

Level 2 is the level entering Jami al Aqsa

Level 3 is the level to the Marwani Musalla

Level 4 is the level of the wells and the caves



Ehab Jallad - Tour Guide Jerusalem