The Holy Land is one of the dominant areas of political conflicts and cultural colonial aspirations with its privileged position to different religions/nations in terms of its symbolic, epistemological and strategic connotations expressed religiously, culturally and historically. The visions of the future, created through the reconstruction of Islamicjerusalem’s history, demography, cultural memory and sociological foundation, reflects a cultural and intellectual occupation, particularly based on theories that emerged from post-truth arguments, paradigms and concepts. This understanding is supported through academic and cultural studies as it is rationalised and legitimised by so-called scholars. The fact that the legitimation in question has a widespread impact is due to the fact that the scholarly validity of the concepts and theories produced on this subject are not properly investigated nor questioned. Within this context, serious scholarly studies that examines Bayt al-Maqdis’s history, holiness, culture and religious codes, geographical and strategic positions, independent of colonial approaches, have become a necessity in order to protect both global peace and academic credibility. Theoretical and conceptual mobilisation experienced simultaneously with the deepening expansion of the occupation in Bayt al-Maqdis levies a responsibility on scholars who have not lost their ability to critically question and remain free from epistemological slavery. Hence, within this context of awareness and responsibility, we look forward to your valuable scholarly contributions to this international academic conference on the theme of the future of Islamicjerusalem’s Academic Studies which will be organised in Ankara between 21-23 October 2022.

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Call For Papers

Proposal Deadline:

Jun 20, 2022


Conference date:

October 21-23,2022



Ankra, Türkiye