Dome of Ascension

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Built in the place of another dome here during the Umayyad period, Miraç Dome was built by Hz. It is built as a memory of the rise of the Prophet to Miraç. The dome consists of an octagonal structure carried by thirty columns. There is a mihrab in the south part of the dome. Miladi was restored in 1200 by the governor of Jerusalem Osman bin Ali ez-Zencebilî. The crown-like decoration on the dome is a feature that distinguishes the Miraç Dome from other domes.
The dome is a small octagonal structure covered by marble and covered by thirty columns. The marble pillars that support the dome are covered with marble slabs and there is an entrance door on the north side of the building. There is a mihrab in the south of the dome. Hz. It was made as a memory of the prophet's (saas) exit. It is unknown when and by whom. Sultan al-ildil Ebubekir b. The order of Osman b. It was renovated by Ali ez-Zencebilî in h.597 / m.1200. This dome attracts attention with a crown-like ornament at the top. While the dome was previously covered with lead cast, the lead plates were replaced with stone plates during the recent renovation.
The Dome of the Ascension is part of the Muslim prayer-route. It is often claimed that this structure represents the true place from where the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) ascended to the heavens. However, there is no authentic source to back this claim. And Allah (ﷻ) knows best. This dome was built to remain as a memorial to the place where this incident happened.